In partnership with the DASH Foundation, our specialized homes offer services and resources that educate, develop, & support the personal and professional growth of our dreamers (tenants).

Support Services

Transition Specialist

Our Transition Specialist strategize and work with our young adults to monitor and empower them through their journey to success. The goal is to help young adults prepare to transition into their own home and be self sufficient.

Career Readiness

We partner with local businesses throughout the community to help our young adults develop the workforce skills they need to find and secure internships and jobs that will help them build successful careers.


We pair young adults with mentors based on their career path and personal hobbies. They give guidance, advice, and hands on experiences that are personalized and relatable to each individual young adult.

Crisis Support

Losing a job, breaking up with a special someone, or losing transport while being employed may seem like small challenges for most, but these times can be very emotional for individuals who have experienced trauma. Our transition specialist and life coaches are trained on how to engage and be open for our young adults when challenging times occur for them.

Life Coaching

Our success coaches are trained wellness professionals who help our young adults progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment and have a successful transition into independence. Their focus is to aid their young adults in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day life decisions.

GED Prep & Tutoring

DASH has expert GED tutors ready to help you every step of the way! Most of our GED tutors have scored high on the GED exam, and will create you a customized learning program that will fit your desired GED tutoring needs.

Transportation Support

We offer transportation support to locations that are scheduled and a part of the young adults success plan (medical, grocery, entertainment, etc.).