DASH Foundation

The DASH Foundation provides at-risk communities with experiential learning programs and life opportunities that educate, develop, and support their personal and professional development.

Young adults who are a part of the DASH Network are required to focus on 2 things: 1) Their HOME and 2) Their DREAMS!

We believe that young adults need a home where they can experience the pitfalls in life, but also the rewards of it. A home that offers a supportive community who they know will support them to success during the good times, but also be there to support the failures during the challenging times when they’re having to learn tough lessons. HOME for our community represents a place where you can:

H: Be Honest

Being honest with yourself and the current reality where you’re beginning is important when beginning your journey to success. How does the home feel where you’re living? How much money does it cost to live your current lifestyle? Are you giving every day the best you got?

O: Be Open

To grow and be the best you can be, we must be challenged and tested. No matter if the experience you’re having in life is good or bad, we will always be open with one another. Be vulnerable, we are not here to judge you, only to help you fulfill your dreams.

M: Be Motivated

Why are you living in our network? What does “Success” look like for you? These are important questions that we will reflect on daily and utilize to push you to your full potential. Life’s challenges often feel like they are never ending, so we will help you find out your “WHY” so that “resilience” becomes a second nature tool.

E: Be Educated

We are not speaking in the phrase you’re normally used to…”Go to college”! Nope! We are speaking of day-to-day education on the necessities it takes for you to be successful, happy, and fulfilled. Every day is a day to grow, learn, and be better. We will hold one another accountable to learn what we do not know if something affects us negatively or prevents us from reaching our maximum potential.

Once our young adults have created HOME, now its time to live the #DASHLife and follow their DREAMS! Our community will focus on empowering them through our social-emotional and character development program that allows them to establish their DREAMS:

D – Driver (Young Adult In Control)

R – Relationships (Support Network)

E – Education (Higher-Learning)

A – Accountability Team (Development Team)

M – Motivation (Why/Daily Ambition)

S – Spirituality (Purpose)


Specialized Therapeutic Parent
Our families connects, educates, and develops high-risk teenagers through our DREAM Model.

Innovative Parent
Our parents live a lifestyle of dreaming, educating, & empowering young adults through their journey to success.

Non-Relative/Relative Parent
Don’t stay sleep! Let’s fill the gap of supporting your family through these challenging times. We will DREAM with you!

Transitional Housing

Young Adults Transitioning out of Fostercare
Did you live in fostercare prior to 18? If so, we have a HOME for you!

Are you going through an unstable time or currently do not have a roof over your head.
If so, we have a HOME for you!

Young Adults Transitioning from At-Risk Communities
Are you trying to follow your dream but can not afford normal housing? If so, we have a HOME for you!?

Affordable Housing

Did you experience time in foster care? No matter if you found your forever family or are wanting to start your own, we have a HOME for you!

Workforce Housing
You should not have to spend your entire check to enjoy your HOME. Join in on dreaming with your community and save!

Home Ownership
Everybody deserves the chance to establish a foundation that is theirs. Live with us and invest in yourself to create generational wealth!

Empowerment Events

Youth Conferences
We provide young adults the opportunity to engage in experiential learning programs that empower them to dream, learn, & practice real solutions for life.

Community Events
Uniting young people and families together are a key to bridging the gap between generations. Join us as we spread love, peace, & dreams!

Professional Development Trainings
Our team of experts invest into local communities with practices and tools that create wholistic development for young people ages 13-23.